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Below are some of the services we offer but James is happy to look at any problem you may have as the below isn't an exhaustive list of everything that can go wrong with IT or that we can review but they do cover the main areas in which we deal with on a daily basis.

PC Performance and Clean Up

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We know how easy it is to get a virus or for your computer to be infected by malware.  Clicking the wrong attachment to an email or software which is installed alongside the software you wanted.  We can review your PC, remove unwanted software and speed it up by removing unused programs which use up memory or computing power.  Its just like having your car serviced and will help you stay safe and your PC operate at its best for you.

Peripheral Connections

So you bought that printer and the box says Plug & Play so you plugged it in but its not Playing, you now spend hours trying to tell your PC where it is and what it is, you install drivers, click every button and you still can't print out that recipe for chocolate cake!! Give us a call, PC's maybe be smart but sometimes 1 little thing stops everything working and we know what we are looking for.

Security Assessments

rj45, network, cables, rj11

Once we have cleaned up your PC or other equipment its important to make sure you are as protected as possible from future issues, we can also check out how secure your wifi is and make sure all your technology is as secure as it can be.

Internet Connections & Routers

So you have paid a small fortune for the fastest internet in the world, everything should be so easy now but your phone won't connect and you are trying to watch Blue Planet on BBC Iplayer and it keeps on buffering every 5 mins!! Well networks can be difficult things to manage and setup whether office based or home based.  Give us a call we'll review what you have that needs to connect, review the equipment its connecting with and get everything working as fast as it can.  If we think you need to upgrade we'll let you know, we don't supply equipment but we are happy to set it up once you have it.

Smart Device Setup

imac, macbook, iphone, headphones, xbox, gaming console, apple watch, camera, laptop, computer, ipod, television.

From phones to tablets to watches to gaming consoles to cameras to wireless speakers and iPods, there is a myriad of devices that can inter connect with each other.  This is supposed to make life easier but what happens if the camera won't talk to the PC, hours wasted trying to get THAT photo onto your PC so you can send it to your mum!! Well help is at hand, you give us a list of what you have and we'll advise on how best to connect them provided they can.  Not sure what to buy then we can advise what will work best with what you already have.  We are nicer and easier to use than Google plus we'll connect you up once you have bought it.

Smart Home Technology

Interested in your phone turning the lights on and off or playing music in whichever room you happen to be in or even want extra security with CCTV we are happy to advise you based on our experience.

Home Computer Services

HCS Witney Oxfordshire
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