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James Oakey - Owner and Engineer

I have spent all my 30 year career in the world of computers and technology.  I have worked for large companies managing their IT systems, councils building and installing systems, trained trainers who then deliver courses to employee's.  I have worked for medium IT support companies providing help and assistance to small businesses, resolving problems, expanding their systems and training users.  I have worked for small businesses repairing computers, tablets and smart phones from new screens to hardware changes.  I have worked for Apple and have been microsoft certified.


In my career I have come across pretty much every problem you can think of in systems the size of an office down to smart phone.  I am very personable, polite and respectful.


My business is based on who I am and what I know and I am confident whatever your problems are or whatever you would like me to do I will be able to help you.

HCS Witney Ltd was setup by myself and a good friend, he manages the paperwork while I deliver the service so whatever happens you will always be dealing direct with me from the day you call me.

james oakey and kim oakey
modem, router, computer, laptop, printers, printer, mobile, apple, microsoft

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HCS Witney Oxfordshire
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